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Sealy Posturepedic® High Performance (2-Sided)

The revolutionary PostureTech coil offers the promise of a great night's sleep. This traditional range is know for its orthopaedic heritage and its strong reputation for providing correct back support while maintaining 'the traditional finish of a double-sided mattress.


At the heart of a Sealy Posturepedic® mattress is the Sealy PostureTech® Titanium (Ti™) Coil*. This revolutionary patented design incorporates a host of technologies that provide superior comfort, support and the correct spinal alignment when you sleep. The coil's Sensory Arm™ actually detects the shape, weight and movement of your body while you sleep, then adjusts itself to provide correct spinal alignment. This means you get better quality sleep. And when you sleep better, you wake up feeling more refreshed. The Sense & Respond Support System reacts to the needs of your back and body, providing an unprecedented combination of correct support and conformance. The EdgeGuard™ system is a firm polyethylene insert that provides about 10% more sleeping space, and a firm 'seating' at the edge.


Sealy Posturepedic's new combination of comfort materials featuring natural cotton premium, Sealy foams and fibres ensure you receive the correct comfort feel for your body, for years to come.


Our twice heat-tempered Sealy PostureTech® Titanium (Ti™) Coil* retain 98% of their height and performance, resulting in a more durable mattress with longer lasting comfort. Sealy is the only manufacturer that features twice heat-tempered coil.

Shock Abzzorber Foundation

The Shock Abzzorber foundation, with Torsion Bar, absorbs the daily shocks and stresses a mattress experiences. It ensures your mattress performs better and longer.